Planning Our Annual Springtime Getaway


Each spring, my husband and I take three or four days out of town on a short getaway. We have a usual route we take that involves a couple days in the mountains of northern Georgia (Dahlonega-area), then a leisurely drive up through the Smokies and into Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the last day or so. The weather has been surprisingly temperate for us in early to mid-March at these altitudes, so that’s always nice. We plan this annual trip as something to really look forward to after escaping the depths of winter in Cincinnati.

This year, we are taking a different (although still mountainous) route because we have a bit less time and at a later time. We are going to first go to Boone, North Carolina, where I completed my first master’s degree. My husband has never been there, so I plan to show him around town and check out the many outlying touristy areas. We are also going to meet up with one of my best friends from my year-and-a-half living there, Mollie, and her husband. I am really excited to reunite with her, since we haven’t seen each other since December of 2009! Leaving Boone, we are going to travel back across the Blue Ridge to Gatlinburg for the last day of our trip. So, at least that part of our annual getaway remains the same.

This winter has been brutal, to say the least. Even more so than usual, we’ve really needed something to which to look forward and to lift our spirits on these stretches of gray, snow-filled days. I will welcome springtime with open arms. My husband and I are literally counting down the days until our annual mountain getaway!



I got my first regular, professional blogging gig last week. As popular of a digital content type that it is, the vast majority of the writing I’ve done professionally so far has been static website content–mostly marketing-type content, but also quite a bit of technical writing. I’m a long-winded academic at heart, so taking on a longer-form project is always fun for me! I’ll be blogging regularly for Redstitch, a small digital agency with which I’ve worked for almost 2 years now. I’ll start with their in-house blog, then we hope to expand our blog offerings to their clients, so I have even more blog-writing projects soon.

Working in tandem with the new inbound marketing guru at Redstitch, the first blog series I developed is a series on marketing personas. This was a great topic with which to start–it’s super critical in today’s market and I have a ton of experience researching, developing and executing content based on targeted personas. Blogs are great because there’s often research involved (my favorite) and they’re a regular, ongoing gig. It will be fun to develop a tone for the Redstitch blog over time and–hopefully–a devoted readership! (Note: the blog isn’t live quite yet, but it should be fairly soon.)

Any tips for me as I begin blogging on digital marketing topics?

Ready or Not…


Here comes February. It’s almost the worst month of the year for me. The holidays are pretty much a distant memory and the novelty of the new year has worn off. Now, it’s just…winter. Which means days and days of gray skies here in Cincinnati. It’s not unusual for us to not see the sun for over a week sometimes. It’s pretty rough. Coupled with this gray darkness is the fact that I always struggle with healthy eating the most in February, which seems to set (or doom) the tone for the next few months. Between the near-constant desire to hibernate and lack of physical activity, it’s always an uphill battle to stay mentally and physically healthy in February.

There are some bright spots in February. All of the Valentine’s Day decorations and miscellany in stores this time of year is fun and cheery. Pink anything is always a good choice, from how I see things. I also married someone with a February birthday, so that’s something for which to plan and look forward.

This February, I plan to keep very busy with my business (already swamped with more projects rolling in!) and spending time with my husband and fur-kids. Spring is just around the corner, right?