Ready or Not…


Here comes February. It’s almost the worst month of the year for me. The holidays are pretty much a distant memory and the novelty of the new year has worn off. Now, it’s just…winter. Which means days and days of gray skies here in Cincinnati. It’s not unusual for us to not see the sun for over a week sometimes. It’s pretty rough. Coupled with this gray darkness is the fact that I always struggle with healthy eating the most in February, which seems to set (or doom) the tone for the next few months. Between the near-constant desire to hibernate and lack of physical activity, it’s always an uphill battle to stay mentally and physically healthy in February.

There are some bright spots in February. All of the Valentine’s Day decorations and miscellany in stores this time of year is fun and cheery. Pink anything is always a good choice, from how I see things. I also¬†married someone with a February birthday, so that’s something for which to plan and look forward.

This February, I plan to keep very busy with my business (already swamped with more projects rolling in!) and spending time with my husband and fur-kids. Spring is just around the corner, right?

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