Inspiring Parents to Raise Healthy Kids


How do I raise a healthy and health-conscious kid?

It’s a question that parents ask — and worry about — all the time. Sure, it seems simple enough: eat fruits and veggies, exercise and don’t overdo the sweets. But we’re all busy and sometimes, our health can take a backseat to life’s other priorities (“Jimmy, is the science fair project really due tomorrow?!”).

That’s why our client, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, started Strong4Life, which provides parents with tips, tricks and articles to help inspire their kids to be healthier, every day.

Here are some highlights:

Kid-approved recipes. Everyone is always looking for a new, healthy recipe that the whole family will love. CHOA has a large collection of nutritionally balanced recipes — organized by meal and type — that your kids will enjoy. Take a look at this yummy, nutritious s’mores recipe.

Success stories. It’s always encouraging reading stories about other people who’ve accomplished their wellness goals. CHOA shares success stories from kids who’ve used the Strong4Life program to get more active and healthier.

Healthy holiday tips. The holidays can be indulgent times for us all — kids included. CHOA includes articles on how kids can enjoy the festivities, while being conscious of their health. This timely article features Halloween-themed recipes that are healthy alternatives to the usual candy and cookies.

Originally published on WriterGirl & Associates blog.