Continuing Education: A Lifetime of Learning


I’ll be using this blog to share my experience and thoughts about a recent course I took at a new education company here in Cincinnati called InsightsCentral. The course was called “Optimizing New Concepts to Succeed” and was focused on designing, conducting and applying the findings of qualitative research to today’s business world. I learned about InsightsCentral when I set up a networking meeting with its founder, who also owns a research company. After having explained my background and the fact that I’m still building up my freelance business, she suggested that I take the course. I had a fairly open week in between some projects, so I decided to take her up on her offer!

The course was online, but kicked off and concluded with a personal call with the course coach Carol. During the 10-day period in which I took the course, I was the sole pupil so the individual attention was great, but it would have been nice to have some other students with whom to interact on the class discussion boards.

The course consisted of taking a new snack concept from its earliest idea as a concept statement, through qualitative research in the form of online bulletin boards and then in making recommendations to the client on how to proceed with the new snack concepts. It was really helpful that this particular study was a “real-world” study that Carol’s team had actually conducted for a client, so I had the actual data with which to work in making my analysis and drawing conclusions. Learning about concepts and theories is always informative, but having the opportunity to dig in and really manipulate the data is always the very best learning experience! Another aspect of the course that really initially intrigued me was the fact that the research was conducted using online bulletin boards, which I’ve learned is a research method that is quickly growing in popularity due to their many benefits. If I’m going to be successful in this field in the coming years of my career, I know I’ll need to be familiar with and experienced in the latest technology that facilitates such research.

If you want to learn more about how to apply the latest qualitative research methods to a business problem, I highly recommend taking this InsightsCentral course! The company plans to continue to roll out additional courses in the coming months, so I look forward to learning more about those as they become available.

As a fairly new researcher in the business world, I look forward to continue to take advantage of any and all educational opportunities that I can–both informal and more formal like the InsightsCentral course. I was trained in a variety of qualitative research methods in graduate school, but have since learned that some of these manners of thinking and methodologies are a bit outdated. In this way, it’s always best to be continually learning more about the industry in which I’ve now found myself, so I can continue to be successful and be able to effectively navigate these waters.