Writing samples

More samples available upon request.

I’ve completed a wide variety of writing and content strategy projects with the following clients:

Writing regular marketing blogs, based on source material and interviews with stakeholders:

Writing video scripts for marketing purposes and for user assistance/training:

  • Vantiv
  • St. Mary’s Health
Creating email marketing copy for targeted demographics:

Crafting copy and content for installations at corporate offices:

Writing user assistance and training materials for users of a payments processing platform:

  • Vantiv
Creating copy for marketing postcard mailers for referring physicians as target audience:

  • MedStar Health
Writing new and refreshing existing copy on the corporate intranet site to enhance the user experience:

Generating fresh concept ideas for branding projects:

Creating style guide for use in future marketing efforts of brand new company/brand:

Writing research-based white paper to drive website traffic and help to position client as industry thought leader:

  • RDIConnect
Writing research-based case study to prove efficacy of products and drive adoption:

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